The Lego Movie – Review

So i know a lot of people have seen the Lego Movie recently, including myself, but i thought you might want to hear a review from someone who never used to play with Lego and didn’t know anything about the film before seeing it!


My boyfriend and i saw the film on Valentine’s Day (Cute, right? Smile) which was the UK release date. I didn’t actually realise that the film was actual Lego and stop animation; i thought it would be animated like the Lego games. I saw the film in 2D, and i’m not sure that 3D would have been more special? Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen it in 3D and what you thought?

The film is based on a world (i won’t ruin anything, i promise) where everyone does what they’re told. (EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. I’m proud if you guys get the reference…) A seemingly average guy is then thrown into a dispute between a bad guy and a good guy. (Thats all you’re getting i’m afraid. You’ll have to go see it!) It features a lot of background music – mainly dubstep, oddly – and the title song “Everything Is AWESOME!” by Tegan and Sara is ridiculously catchy. My other half and i spent all of yesterday and today singing it…

Overall i enjoyed the film, it’s very cute and definitely enjoyable for kids and bigger kids alike. I don’t know if i’d want to see it again, it’s one of those films it’s good to see to say you’ve seen it but it doesn’t creep into my top 10 unfortunately.

What did you guys do for Valentines, if anything?


PS. Everything is AWESOME.



(Photograph c/o Forbes)

So Working Late Begins..

Unfortunately where I work we get very busy at Christmas so now I’m working the 8pm shift. Noooo 😦

On a better note, I think I’m going to train for a marathon, a local one, but 26 miles all the same. It sounds crazy because I’m so unfit but I’ll have a go… I may die in the process so my blog posts in March may become nonexistent..

Have you ever done anything like this?
Any tips?


5 (of the many) Reasons Why I Love: MissBudgetBeauty

For those of you who don’t know MissBudgetBeauty is the Blogging/Screen Name of Mikhila, a young beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and YouTuber who i basically consider to be my idol and also my bible for all things beauty and fashion. She currently has 3 channels, a new one which recently came to be (roughly 2 days ago) called DiaryOfASpendaholic where she has so far posted an unboxing of a Rebecca Minkoff bag and also a haul of F21, HM and Wildfox. At this moment that channel has 966 subscribers and 470 views but i’m sure these numbers will grow rapidly!

Khila’s main channel is called “MissBudgetBeauty and currently has 38,407 subscribers and 4,537,471 views. That channel was started on April 18th 2010 and i have been a subscriber for at least a year now. This channel is home to Reviews and Favourites, Hauls, Outfit of The Day/Week, Collection/Storage and also Beauty Tutorials. As the name suggests she reviews both high end and budget beauty and fashion buys, hence why i love her videos so much.

Her third channel is a vlogging channel MeetTheMcCools where she also posts a dicussion style series called Khila talk where she discusses topics with other beauty bloggers and friends. This channel currently has 6,170 subscribers and 330,973 views.



As i’ve mentioned, she reviews budget as well as high end products so being a student i don’t have ridiculous amounts of money to spend on fashion and beauty products. So far all of the budget recommendations Khila has made i have tried and loved so it’s safe to say i trust her opinion.


I’m unsure of what age MissBudgetBeauty is but she always looks so simply classic and beautiful and i am ridiculously clueless when it comes to fashion and i prefer simple looks anyway! So i emulate her style occasionally and always get compliments; a serious plus for someone who has no clue how to dress fashionably on their own.


The third reason is actually a single blog post that is fairly recent: her post on Body Confidence. It’s just a refreshing look at body confidence and how women view themselves. I’ve struggled with body confidence myself, i’m pretty sure most people have, but this post makes me feel a little bit better! Smile


Honest product comparisons. I like this about her videos and posts. I’m always looking for dupes or cheaper alternatives to high end products and more often than not Khila will provide one if there is one! For example i bought the Intense Kisses from MUA which was £2 and is a fairly good dupe of Rimmel Apocolips (around £6) so it’s a cheap way of getting the colour and consistency of the Rimmel product for a fraction of the price.


This is, in my opinion, the nicest thing about MissBudgetBeauty. She replies to A LOT of the comments on her videos and also tweets (you can find her on twitter at @MsBudgetBeauty) I have tweeted her once today about her new channel and i received a reply almost instantly. How sweet is that? I know as bloggers become more popular and “famous” it becomes difficult to reply to thousands of people but Khila is slowly becoming more popular and still replying which shows a good amount of interaction with fans/followers which is a definite plus!


Khila’s links:

So I Want To Write A Book (My Journey Into (Semi)-Professional Writing)

As you guys may have noticed i post random chapters of “fanfiction” (where you write about a programme, movie, book and make up your own storyline for those characters. Mine are mainly Criminal Minds although i have branched into Covert Affairs as well.) and so far they seem to be pretty popular with roughly 20,000 hits combined on all stories i’ve posted so far. I really enjoy writing and i will find myself with some free time after Christmas so i kind of decided i wanted to write a teen-young adult fiction novel/story thing.

I had an idea on the train to University about what i wanted my story to be based on so i wrote it down along with ideas for characters and character relationships. I won’t post the actual idea here in case it does end up being half decent so no-one can steal it (though currently i doubt anyone would). I’ve written a first page in my little notebook and already it seems to be harder than i thought just coming up with an idea.

I thought i’d write these pieces to act as a kind of writing diary just in case anything comes of this whole writing malarkey – you never know. I’ll also post words of wisdom that i’ve found helpful because googling “how to write a book” gives too many results to sift through and the few i’ve seen so far are nothing but crap.

I’ll keep you all updated.

IR xo

I Don’t Want Easy; Chapter Six PREVIEW (Criminal Minds Fanfiction)

Did y’all know that I post here before it goes live on I suppose if you’re here you do. Well. Up to the first break in the chapter is going to be posted here before it goes live and also I shall let y’all know here when the full thing will actually be going live. On with the chapter…


“How about dark blue? You like blue don’t you?” Aaron Hotchner asked his son over the phone. He was trying to convince the young man that he was buying him some new clothes and nothing else.
“Yes Dad. I love blue. I’ve got to go now. We’re going to the Safari.” Jack replied, hitting the button to hang up before Aaron had had a chance to tell him that he loved him. He let out an exasperated sigh before turning his attention back to Reid who was holding up different color swatches and muttering to himself.
“I think that dark blue is good. Studies have shown that darker colors help young children relax and also concentrate on given tasks. Get this one.” Reid concluded, picking up the matching paint pot. It was slightly surreal that he was choosing paint colors with Aaron Hotchner, first thing on a Sunday morning. He’d been in the middle of trying to tame his hair when his boss had knocked on his door, all ready to go shopping.
“I’m sure Jack will like that one.”
“Excellent.” The young doctor said before walking with Aaron to the checkout. He tried desperately to ignore the fact that the pretty blond lady behind the till was attempting to talk her way into acquiring his number for “company purposes.”

Aaron acted like the courteous gentleman he was and declined politely. It was just another quality that made the man very suitable for their boss and also as a husband and father. Spencer had found himself thinking about how much he’d enjoyed spending time with the other man, on the cases and off. Damn serotonin. Sitting in the car with Aaron he couldn’t help but tap his fingers on the dashboard impatiently; lost in his own thoughts.

“Reid, your thinking is distracting me from my driving. Please don’t be a hazard.” Hotchner said after a few minutes of silence while they drove.
“It’s actually impossible to hear thoughts, regardless of what some people might claim. So therefore my thoughts can’t distract you from anything.” He countered, trying to make it sound more friendly and informative than hostile.
“Okay, smart ass. What’s up?” He asked, pulling up at his house and getting out of the car. He retrieved the paints and brushes that they bought and followed the young Doctor into his own house. He gave the man a few more minutes to think while he grabbed them both a beer from his secret fridge that Jack didn’t know about.

“I’ve always had problems with my feelings. You’ve read enough of my file and worked with me long enough to know that. I’ve just been having some experiences with the dopamine and serotonin levels in my brain. They keep fluctuating while I’m in the proximity of someone I know. It makes no sense and it’s just a worry. That’s all.” Spencer finally plucked up the courage to admit. After his admission he took a long sip from his beer; something he didn’t normally drink but felt like it would be beneficial life experience, he’d also learnt that drinking together was a form of bonding between males.
“Spencer. It just means you have a little crush on someone.”
“You and I both know that only kids use the word crush now.” He deadpanned.
“Come on, lover boy. Let’s go paint this room.” Aaron said, getting up when Reid did and threw an arm around his shoulder.

Aaron had noticed that Reid had been acting strangely ever since their hostage situation, but who could blame the guy? Truth be told he himself hadn’t felt quite the same on their first case back; the sniper at the convention. He kept having nightmares about that night and Spencer being ripped from his arms by their captives then being brutalised in the worst way. He’d been trying to separate his feelings considering the young man; were they paternal, friendly or merely mentor based.



This chapter will be going live in 3 hours on Smile

I am an Agent… A BzzAgent…

BzzAgent is a social marketing website. They have been operating since 2001 but i only found out about them recently in an article on ways students can make more money on the net. BzzAgent run regular campaigns with sponsors and use surveys that their “agents” complete to send out samples to people who fit the profile. These individuals are then asked to review the products honestly on their blog or YouTube pages. The more Bzz/Buzz you create about a product, the higher your Bzz score is. Higher the score, the more likely you are to receive more campaigns and samples. master.bzzagent

It’s a pretty cool idea. I filled out a multitude of surveys to tailor the campaigns i receive, stating the products and brands that i would be interested in trialling. Most people say that it takes a few months for them to receive their first campaign. I just received mine about a month after signing up. It’s a campaign with Foreo for the Luna Mini. The Luna Mini was £27 including delivery. Most campaigns are free, or so i’ve heard, but considering that you keep the product and this one is retailing for £99 then i think it’s a very reasonable price.

I will be posting a review of the Luna Mini when i receive it and will give first impressions and also pictures and results.





America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20: Episode 6 Review.


(Contains Spoilers!)

Episode 6 Review

by Isabelle Reid.

Just as warned this episode will contain spoilers about who goes out of this episode. It will also contain my thoughts on most of the participants efforts and who I personally like and dislike. I have quite a few opinions on certain contestants already and these are merely personal opinions and i would love to know what you all think!

The challenge this week was to become a Fashion Consultant for Smize TV. (Bryan Boy and Perez Hilton). Perez and Bryan asked the contestants to find a person off the street and interview them, asking all questions that Bryan and Perez told them to regardless. Jeremy did well in this challenge in my opinion because he did everything asked of him including stripping down to his boxers. I also, however, understand what Marvin said about not wanting to be famous of perform well in the task if it meant that he had to be rude or intentionally inappropriate to people.

I have a few personal likes and dislikes among those that are still in the running to becoming “America’s Next Top Model”. (Sorry. Had to do it!) I’d like to know what everyone else thinks of Jourdan because i personally feel like if i hear one more word about her past life then i could write her entire life’s story. I think she is a very pretty girl but her stunt this week with the phone time and not allowing someone else to get their time was very selfish and served to make me dislike her more.


Cory definitely did well this week as he came (Last chance… MASSIVE SPOILER.) in first place this week which i feel was well deserved. Some may argue that his feminine side gave him a small edge in the photoshoot/ advertisement but he also did well in the challenge which was based on personality and determination to succeed as a Fashion Consultant.

 I wasn’t entirely tooAlex and Jiana upset that Alex went out this week, i feel like she’s very pretty but not actually supermodel striking; if that makes sense? That being said i also feel the same about Jiana and i really don’t understand her and Phil’s relationship on the show. Fair enough that Phil likes her but i can’t help but feel sorry for his girlfriend who is stuck with limited or no contact with him (depending on who he calls with his time) and having to watch him act like this.

Next weeks episode looks interesting. Not entirely familiar with “Emerson” the focus of next weeks episode. (  From what i can see on their website they are a fashion designer who the contestants will be shooting for. I like the animated element of the photographs which seem to be a regular part of this season’s cycle.

Let me know what you thought of this weeks episode and who is YOUR favourite?