Born In Flames(Part 1): Front cover and preface review



The Front Cover


The first impressions i got of the cover immediately made me think of The House Of Night novels by P.C and Kristin Cast, which is definitely not a bad thing because i love those books. (I haven’t even read further than the preface yet so these impressions are very unhindered). I like the model for this book cover because she seems to personify fire, mainly with her hair but also the general colour scheme of the book gives that feeling.

I really like that it doesn’t look like an amateur cover because Candace isn’t as well known as most artists (with any luck she will be soon!”). The scales covering the model on the cover make you want to read the book, because it seems that this beautiful girl is more than just a normal human being. It leaves you wondering why she is covered in scales; was it an accident? was she born this way? is she turning into something extra-terrestrial?!


The preface may only be 2 paragraphs long but they do exactly what they were intended to do (i assume). They draw the reader in with talks of “the orb” and this alone leaves us with so many questions about what the orb is, where it came from and what it does. There is also talk of a “transformation” which again provokes many more questions and the fact that the protagonist could die during it makes us worry for her already. We also learn that she is a foster child, where are her parents/ what happened to them? Does she get on with her foster parents/carers?


All in all the preface leaves me with SO MANY QUESTIONS. Which is a good thing! I can’t wait to read more! Follow my blog to make sure you never miss a chapter review! Winking smile


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One thought on “Born In Flames(Part 1): Front cover and preface review

  1. Thank you!!!! I am so glad you are intrigued! You definitely picked up on everything you were meant to. I love that you’ve taken the time to digest it all…it makes all the work invested worthwhile!

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