Criminal Minds Season 1–Pilot

wallpaper_criminalminds_1024x768Firstly i just want to say i know NOTHING about this programme and i’m reviewing it personally, so everything is my own viewpoint. The first episode starts with an lady IM’ing a man (red flag already?!) about test driving a car that seems to cheap to be true. (second red flag). Soon we learn this IS too good to be true (as we guessed) and the lady is promptly kidnapped. We are then introduced to a professor of some kind who is lecturing on Criminal Psychology and how to identify traits in killers or criminals from their past crimes. He seems past his time (sorry but i thought so) so we assume that he was once a profiler and possibly settled for teaching.spencer

It then becomes apparent he was on leave because of something that happened on a job and the wrongfully interviewed “killer” points out he tried to give his friend CPR and kept going until he broke his ribs. (Obvious attachment to dead individual) I don’t know why but i feel a strong connection with the “Young Genius” who is with the behavioural unit within the FBI. Call it my inner geek. He is a very intriguing character because of his high IQ and his ability to reel off facts that link to the current crime.

The story of the first episode is interesting although personally i got a little lost in the middle of the story although towards the end i got back into it. I enjoy these kinds of programmes and watch Castle, Bones, Covert Affairs, ETC. So i am merely comparing this to other crime programmes i have seen.

I liked the first episode a lot and the basis for the characters seem to be established although little is known about the other characters. I assume this is because our FBI profiler turned lecturer, turned profiler again is meant to be the main character. The whole episode was a bit dark though, very strange. Adds to the ominous feel.

Worth a watch!

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