I Don’t Want Easy, I Want Crazy. Criminal Minds; Hotch/Reid Chapter 1.

Fancied writing about Spencer and Aaron so i wrote this briefly. Copied it from my Fanfiction page directly:

Hey guys. I really fancied writing a Hotch/Reid story after reading by Fates Apprentice. This story is completely unplanned and written straight onto the document page. I normally plan and write everything by hand but this idea was asking to be written. I will NOT harm the characters, any of them. I strongly object to character bashing. Especially rape and abuse. Not going to happen. Not sure where this is going but i’d like some direction if you have it.

The title is working progress and i happened to be listening to the song at the time of writing this.

CS Lewis said "Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives."

Aaron Hotchner and Spencer Reid had been through some pretty traumatic scenarios in the past but this last "scenario" was definitely the worst. The team had been working a case of abductions on young men in the DC area when Hotch and Reid had gone to an abandoned town house, only to discover that Reid was definitely a viable victim for their unsub and the Unit Chief was just an unfortunate bystander.

"FBI." Aaron shouted, his boot pushing against the door with force, watching as it fell from its hinges with a crash. Spencer had his weapon aloft, following his boss loyally as they worked through the dimly lit rooms methodically, calling out as they went along.
"Cl-" The young Doctor began but was unable to finish the sentence when a strong hand clamped other his mouth and then all he could smell was the sting of something that smelled like… Oh no. Chloroform. His legs grew weak as he tried to fight the effects, knowing all too well how quickly he would be rendered unconscious and how there was no way he could counter the chemical.

"Reid?! Reid?" The older agent shouted, looking through each room again, checking faster than he had done before. ‘Hotch’ got more worried as he cleared each room, coming to an unintended stop as he felt his legs being swept out from underneath him. The last thing he saw was his youngest agent laying crumpled in the corner before the chemical claimed him too.

3 days passed with little contact from their unsub. They were both locked in a small underground cage, surrounded by fortified steel. They were both provided with 2 meals a day, simple ready cooked meals but they would have to do. They were both held captive in the same room and Aaron was just glad that neither of them had been abused or… worse. Spencer, however, wasn’t holding up like he had been trained. Hankel had clearly done a lot more damage than they’d first thought. He was sat shaking, clutching his knees as he rocked slightly. He kept his eyes on his superior, trying desperately to believe they were somewhere else. He also hadn’t slept. He himself had managed to get a few hours rest, laid against the wall. Reid took another shuddering breath and he couldn’t take it anymore. The kid would drive himself crazy. I have to help him.

Doctor Reid tried to calm himself down. He knew that Hankel was dead and that Hotch wouldn’t let anything happen to him. He’d secretly been paying more attention to their Unit Chief. No-one on the team was aware but he’d never really had any kind of romantic involvement so he wasn’t really sure how to define his own sexual orientation; not that he needed to. There had been a moment. Hotch’s hand had gently brushed his own while passing out a case file and something in him changed. The brief feeling of skin on skin contact with his boss had triggered the release of dopamine in his brain and from that day he struggled to diagnose the reason behind it. Aaron opened his arms to the younger man, watching carefully as the other man laid against his chest hesitantly, taking a deep calming breath. ‘There it was again; the dopamine’. Reid thought to himself while breathing in his boss’ scent. Even after 3 days Hotch still smelled like his cologne and something less distinguishable. Something uniquely… Hotch.

Aaron wrapped his arms around the other man, trying not to enjoy the moment. Since Haley had divorced him he’d been more withdrawn than usual but Reid was the only one who had bothered to check up on him regularly. He’d always admired the youngest member of his team. He was the youngest member to join the FBI yet he knew more about the world than any of the people in his department. He’d never been hung up on sexuality but he only cared about the individual he had feelings for. Right now it was hard to deny his feelings for the young man. He’d always felt a little bit vulnerable when he was with Reid, like he saw through his hard-guy exterior and knew the real man behind the career. Aaron ran his fingers through the Reid’s hair, separating the tangles that had formed gently, hoping to relax the individual. Eventually he heard the deep breathing of the man he was protecting and he was satisfied that he was finally sleeping.

"FBI, drop the gun or we will shoot." Rossi shouted from down the corridor where they were being held. Hotch thought he could hear him but didn’t want to get his hopes up. He knew all too well that after long periods of being held hostage the person in question started to hear things. No. That was definitely gun shots.
"Reid, wake up. The cavalry has arrived." He whispered quietly, trying to wake him without startling the sleeping man. That plan was shattered, however, by the sound of a heavy door being kicked open forcibly. Agent Rossi appeared, looking slightly panic-stricken as he hurried to open their cell. Reid was woken abruptly by the other agent freeing them. He huddled closer to his boss. It was all over. Atleast physically.

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