America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20: Episode 6 Review.


(Contains Spoilers!)

Episode 6 Review

by Isabelle Reid.

Just as warned this episode will contain spoilers about who goes out of this episode. It will also contain my thoughts on most of the participants efforts and who I personally like and dislike. I have quite a few opinions on certain contestants already and these are merely personal opinions and i would love to know what you all think!

The challenge this week was to become a Fashion Consultant for Smize TV. (Bryan Boy and Perez Hilton). Perez and Bryan asked the contestants to find a person off the street and interview them, asking all questions that Bryan and Perez told them to regardless. Jeremy did well in this challenge in my opinion because he did everything asked of him including stripping down to his boxers. I also, however, understand what Marvin said about not wanting to be famous of perform well in the task if it meant that he had to be rude or intentionally inappropriate to people.

I have a few personal likes and dislikes among those that are still in the running to becoming “America’s Next Top Model”. (Sorry. Had to do it!) I’d like to know what everyone else thinks of Jourdan because i personally feel like if i hear one more word about her past life then i could write her entire life’s story. I think she is a very pretty girl but her stunt this week with the phone time and not allowing someone else to get their time was very selfish and served to make me dislike her more.


Cory definitely did well this week as he came (Last chance… MASSIVE SPOILER.) in first place this week which i feel was well deserved. Some may argue that his feminine side gave him a small edge in the photoshoot/ advertisement but he also did well in the challenge which was based on personality and determination to succeed as a Fashion Consultant.

 I wasn’t entirely tooAlex and Jiana upset that Alex went out this week, i feel like she’s very pretty but not actually supermodel striking; if that makes sense? That being said i also feel the same about Jiana and i really don’t understand her and Phil’s relationship on the show. Fair enough that Phil likes her but i can’t help but feel sorry for his girlfriend who is stuck with limited or no contact with him (depending on who he calls with his time) and having to watch him act like this.

Next weeks episode looks interesting. Not entirely familiar with “Emerson” the focus of next weeks episode. (  From what i can see on their website they are a fashion designer who the contestants will be shooting for. I like the animated element of the photographs which seem to be a regular part of this season’s cycle.

Let me know what you thought of this weeks episode and who is YOUR favourite?


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